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Walk Leaders Checklist

This is a walk leaders checklist with a suggested script for talking to walkers before the walk commences:

  • Check the weather forecast so you know what to expect on the walk
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before the walk starts
  • Appoint one or two back markers (with two, they can change half way)
  • Make sure you and the back markers have each other’s contact numbers and the back markers have a copy of the route or know the route well
  • If you have any concerns about people’s foot wear or inadequate clothing for the conditions then raise the matter with the person and if in any doubt about safety, advise them not to walk.
  • A first aid kit, foil blanket and extra water should be carried for emergencies
  • Have a supply of Ramblers and One Step Walkers leaflets and ICE (In Case of Emergency) forms to hand out (Available from the Membership Secretary)
  1. Get people’s attention, for example: “Can I have your attention please” (if not confident speaking to a group, ask someone who is, to speak for you)
  2. Welcome people to the walk
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. Ask new walkers to call out their name
  5. Repeat the names and ask people to make them welcome
  6. Ask if anyone needs information on joining the Ramblers Association and remind them insurance only covers three walks before joining
  7. Briefly speak about the route, places of interest, stops and toilets (if any)
  8. Mention any animals in fields and ask dog owners to control their dogs and put on leads where there are animals or narrow paths
  9. Make any club announcements and ask if anyone would like to make any announcements
  10. Remind people to contact the walk leader if any incidents occur or someone gets lost, using the number given on the walk details, or give out your number
  11. Remind people to contact the back marker or walk leader if they are having a toilet stop or leaving the walk
  12. Count the number of people on the walk, make a note of the number and give the number to the back marker
  13. Allow 5 minutes past specified time for stragglers
  14. Set off, keep the group together and enjoy the day
  • If there is an emergency dial 999 or 112 and ask for emergency services
  • Remember to check numbers during the walk; stiles are a good check point
  • At the end of the walk count the numbers to make sure everyone has returned

Report any accidents, near misses or path access problems to a One Step Walkers committee member who will report the situation to Ramblers.

Download the Walk Leaders Checklist | 98KB PDF

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