Due to Covid 19 still being in the population and highly contagious, we need to approach our walking in a safe manner. We also need to keep the walking group size within the Ramblers and government limits which is currently six people; five people and a walk leader in our case. The following guidance to manage the risks is based on advice from Ramblers.

  1. Look at the walk listings on the One Step Walkers website and choose a walk suitable for your fitness level and convenience of travel. Instructions for booking walks will be given on the website and the Newsletter.
  2. Follow the instructions for booking on a walk. The number limits for the walk will be indicated. If a walk is full, try another walk or another day.
  3. If you need to cancel, please inform the walk leader, to release the booking slot.
  4. Multiple bookings for walks on the same day will not be accepted.
  5. Please do not turn up for a walk if your booking has not been registered. The walk leader will only accept the names on their booking list.
  6. Please do not go to a walk if you are feeling unwell or have any coronavirus symptoms.
  7. Lift sharing and public transport are high risk and not recommended.
  8. Bring your own food and drink as shops and cafe’s may not be open.
  9. Be prepared – in addition to your normal walking kit, always carry:
    a. A fully charged mobile (switched on)
    b. A first aid kit (your own is safer than using the walk leaders)
    c. Food and drink
    d. Gloves for hygiene
    e. Face covering in case of incidents (compulsory)
    f. Hand sanitiser that is a minimum of 60% alcohol (compulsory)
  10. During the walk follow the latest government guidelines on social contact and physical distancing.
  11. Avoid touching gates, stiles and seats where possible. Gloves can help with this and regularly use hand sanitiser during the walk.
  12. Do not share food, drink or equipment.
  13. Follow the instructions and guidance of the walk leader.
  14. Walk responsibly and follow the countryside code.
  15. Let the walk leader know if you are having any problems or are unwell. Make a note of the walk leaders mobile number before the walk in case you lose touch with the group. It will be on the website for the walk you are on.
  16. Enjoy your walk and remember to wash your hands afterwards.
  17. If you become unwell with coronavirus within 7 days after the walk, please inform the walk leader for contact tracing reasons.
  18. If you are in the government shielding age group, it is not advisable to risk walking with people you don’t live with.

This policy was last revised 29 June 2020.

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