Preparation For Walk

  1. Check the weather forecast so you know what to expect on the walk.
  2. Take a copy of the Risk Assessment (for insurance purposes)
  3. Take a copy of Covid Secure Guide For walk Leaders and Covid Secure Guide For Walkers (people should have read these before the walk)
  4. Take a copy of the RSVP names list for the walk.
  5. Take two copies of walk route.
  6. Take a fully charged mobile phone (switched on) and a backup battery is useful.
  7. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the walk starts to make sure you get parked.
  8. Carry a first aid kit, foil blanket and extra water for emergencies.
  9. Take a face covering, gloves and 60% alcohol hand sanitiser.
  10. Check names against the RSVP list. People must be on the list to walk. Six people maximum on walk including walk leader.
  11. Appoint a back marker and give them a copy of the route if not familiar with it.
  12. Make sure you and the back marker have each others contact numbers.
  13. Any concerns about inadequate footwear or clothing, discuss with the person. If any doubt about safety, advise them not to walk.
  14. Allow 5 minutes past specified meeting time for stragglers.

Welcome Briefing Before Starting Walk

  1. Welcome people to the walk and introduce yourself.
  2. Describe the route, places of interest, stops and toilets (if any).
  3. Dog owners to control their dogs – on leads if livestock or narrow paths.
  4. If any incidents or if people get lost, to contact the walk leader or back marker.
  5. Walk leader contact number is in the website walk details, or give out your number.
  6. Walkers to contact back marker or walk leader if leaving the walk or a toilet stop.
  7. Check walkers have mandatory face covering and hand sanitiser. If not, can’t walk. Face covering only for incidents.
  8. People to follow government social distancing rules.
  9. Avoid touching gates, stiles and seats where possible.
  10. Don’t share food, drink or equipment.
  11. Regularly use hand sanitiser after touching things.
  12. If you become unwell within 7 days after the walk, inform the walk leader for tracking purposes.
  13. Set off, keep the group together and enjoy the day.

This policy was last revised 1 July 2020.

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