Ramblers have announced that from the 30th July, the maximum number allowed on a publicised walk will be increased from 6 to 30 people.

This is based on the government guidance on organising outdoor sport and physical activity events issued on 9th July 2020. Essentially this means that organisations that have produced the appropriate Covid Safe guidance and Risk Assessments can have group events of up to 30 people, but must also record the contact details of the participants for tracing, should any Covid-19 related illness occur after the event.

As far as we understand, this does not apply to private walks and they would still be limited to 6 people.

Although we can now have up to 30 people on a walk, Covid-19 is still there in the environment and the One Step Walkers Committee have decided to take a cautious approach to increasing walk numbers in our group.

We already have the necessary Covid Safe guidance and Risk Assessment facilities in place on our website that allows us to conform to the government guidance. However, there are a number of other issues we need to take into account.

Walk leaders will need to consider car parking availability and safety management for their chosen route. There are more people out in the countryside taking up a lot of parking spaces. We are also discouraged from lift sharing, which puts more pressure on parking spaces. Therefore, we are advising our walk leaders to think carefully about the maximum number of people on their walk and how they will manage the numbers over stiles and through gates. 10 to 15 people may be a more realistic maximum to start with.

We will very soon be making changes to the website booking system to accommodate the new Ramblers Restart, but for now the maximum RSVP limit will remain as the walk leader plus 5 people.

Keep an eye out on the website for the changes coming soon.

Bob Ingram (Chair One Step Walkers)