The good news is that we are allowed to start group walking again from Wednesday 1st July, but we are limited to a maximum of six people per walk; the walk leader and five walkers.

The risks associated with the covid-19 virus have not gone away and it is still highly contagious. Ramblers have issued guidance about how to assess the hazards and control the risks associated with covid-19.

One Step Walkers have produced a generic Risk Assessment for our walking group and safety guidance for walk leaders and walkers. The documents are in the Newsletter and available on the website. Walk leaders are requested to read the Covid Secure Guidance For Walk Leaders and the Risk Assessment before planning and running a walk. If walk leaders contact their walk coordinator with a new walk, the walk coordinator will set up a Risk Assessment form for your walk and review it with you.

Walkers must read the Covid Secure Guidance For Walkers before booking a walk and take appropriate safety measures. Only five people can book on one walk. Once a walk is booked, you will not be able to book another walk for a number of days. You will also need your Ramblers membership number to book and provide your contact details. Your membership number is required because you will only see covid-19 safety information related to walking that we publish in the OSW Newsletter if you are a member . This is due to the requirements of GDPR and is a temporary measure until covid-19 restrictions are reduced.

The walk number limits, means we have to try and organise a lot more walks. This depends on the availability of volunteer walk leaders. We are doing our best to put on as many walks as possible and will be doing a lot of repeat routes to try and cope with demand. If you are happy to help us out and perhaps lead a walk you have discovered in your area, please contact myself or any of the walk coordinators. Contact details are on the Committee page. We will provide lots of help and assistance to new walk leaders, so please do not be afraid of coming forward.

Please be patient and be safe at all times.