Your Guide to Ramblers insurance

Liability insurance

This provides cover for damages or legal costs against you if someone is injured or property is damaged because you did something wrong – as long as your actions weren’t deliberate or reckless. The Ramblers policy covers you for up to £10 million.

Who is covered?

  • All Ramblers members
  • All volunteers who are recorded on Assemble
  • Non-members for up to 3 taster walks
  • Children under 18, if they are under the supervision of a responsible adult who is covered
  • Voluntary carers of another person present, if the person they are caring for is covered

Who isn’t covered?

  • Non-members after 3 taster walks
  • Professional carers of another person present. Their employer’s insurance should be covering them for their actions
  • Non-UK residents, unless they have a permanent UK address where they spend 6 months of the year, or are students with temporary UK residence

Personal accident insurance

This can provide insurance to you or your family in the unlikely event you’re seriously injured while volunteering for the Ramblers. The amount you can claim is listed at the end of this guide.

Who is covered?

  • All volunteers under the age of 90 who are recorded on Assemble and are UK residents
  • You are only covered when you are carrying out your role (so on a group walk, only the walk leader would be covered)

Who isn’t covered?

  • Volunteers over the age of 90. People over the age of 90 are still welcome to volunteer with the Ramblers, but aren’t eligible for personal accident insurance
  • Non-UK residents, unless they have a permanent UK address where they spend six months of the year or are students with temporary UK residence

Remember, if you are a volunteer – your role needs to be recorded on the Ramblers system. If you’re not sure, please check your roles at:

How to make sure you’re covered by our insurance

Certain conditions need to be met to qualify for our insurance. It’s important you stick to these conditions, so you’re covered if things go wrong.

  • Activities must be official Ramblers events

This means they have been organised by the committee and advertised in at least one of these ways:

  • You must assess the possible risks in advance, and take any steps you need to reduce them.

    Refer to the Ramblers role-specific guidance for more information about how to organise walks and other events safely.

  • If another organisation asks you to organise an event, you must be clear who is responsible in advance. You’ll only be covered by our insurance if it’s advertised and run as a Ramblers event.

If you want to hold a last-minute event (not a walk) that can’t be advertised in advance, you can still be covered if you let the Ramblers know beforehand at

Be clear on what is and isn’t covered:

  • Travel to and from an event is not covered by our liability insurance

  • The insurance is valid overseas, except in the USA and Canada.

  • You must report any incidents or near misses

    Use the Incident Report Form to report incidents within ten days. If there is a serious incident, contact us as soon as possible.

Specific guidance for Walk Leaders and Path Maintenance Teams

If you do one of these roles, please read the role specific insurance factsheets to make sure you are covered.

If you are a committee member, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the role-specific factsheets too.

How to make an insurance claim

If you think you may need to make a claim, contact the Ramblers by email, and they’ll advise you what to do next.

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For further details please check out the Ramblers Insurance Toolkit